Hi, I'm Geoff.

I blog about web development, focusing on the front end. I'm also a member of the Svelte core team.

You can check out some of my latest writing below. I've also written for CSS-Tricks and LogRocket. If you enjoy what you read, come say hi on Twitter.

If you read one thing, read Accessible Svelte transitions.

Geoff Rich

Latest posts

  1. Teaching Kelvin Svelte on TKYT

  2. Native Page Transitions in SvelteKit: Part 1

    Taking the experimental shared element transition API for a spin.

  3. Svelte London August 2022

    My meetup talk on native page transitions in SvelteKit.

  4. Building a Guest Book on the Edge with SvelteKit, Upstash Redis and Vercel

    on Upstash

  5. Some assorted Svelte demos

    Conditional wrappers, native page transitions, an action to detect focus leaving, and a recursive action.