90 minute SvelteKit Crash Course with This Dot Labs

— 2 minute read

I recorded a 90 minute SvelteKit crash course with This Dot Labs where we build a music library app (which I named "Sveltunes"). My goal was to give a overview of everything that makes me excited about SvelteKit, so we cover a lot. Topics include:

  • directory-based routing, layouts, parameterized routes, and nested routing
  • loading data with the load function (and how this is more efficient than loading data with onMount)
  • preloading the data for the next page for snappy navigations
  • streaming slow data from load functions by returning nested promises
  • how SvelteKit lets you mix-and-match different rendering options (SSR, CSR, prerendering)
  • submitting and validating data with form actions
  • using the enhance helper to progressively enhance forms
  • implementing optimistic UI

There's a lot we didn't get to, but hopefully this provides a good overview! The code for Sveltunes can be found on GitHub.

If you enjoyed this video, I recommend checking out the slides for the talk I gave at THAT Conference, where I build on the data loading and progressive enhancement concepts to build a nested "Favorite Albums" UI.

In fact, both of my in-person talks last month (the other was at SeattleJS) used the Sveltunes demo, and that was intentional — better to build one demo you can reuse instead of three!

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