SeattleJS July 2023: An introduction to SvelteKit

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Tonight I'll be giving an introductory talk on SvelteKit at SeattleJS. Here's the talk title and abstract:

Web development, streamlined: an introduction to SvelteKit

SvelteKit is an exciting new web framework that recently launched version 1.0. It combines the well-loved Svelte JavaScript framework with everything you need to build a modern web app: routing, type-safe data loading, progressively-enhanced forms, a speedy Vite-powered dev experience, and more. In this talk, I’ll give a crash course on SvelteKit and how you can use it to build fast, resilient web apps of all shapes and sizes.

The talk will not be recorded, but I've linked my slides and other resources below. I might transcribe a written version of this talk at a later date.

My slides were created using Slidev. You can find the source on my GitHub and the live version deployed to Vercel.

As part of the talk, I briefly showed a music library demo app (a.k.a. "Sveltunes"). The code for that app is also on GitHub, though it's not currently deployed anywhere because auth is mocked out and the "DB" is just an in-memory object.

If you want to learn more about Svelte and SvelteKit, I recommend the following resources:

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