Talking the release of Svelte 4 with PodRocket and This Dot Labs

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Svelte 4 is here, and I guested on two shows talking about it!

Svelte 4 is mostly a behind-the-scenes update, and breaking changes should be minimal for most users. However, it does have some exciting improvements around custom element generation, IDE autocomplete, and hydration performance. See the full announcement and migration guide for more.

First, PodRocket had me on for an episode where I discussed what's new in Svelte 4 as well as what's changed on the revamped Svelte documentation site. This was a great chat with an impressive turnaround - it was edited and posted 24 hours after recording!

Then last week This Dot Labs (who previously hosted a State of Svelte event) had me and a couple other folks from the Svelte team (Ben McCann, Simon Holthausen, and Puru Vijay) on to discuss the release as part of a Svelte 4 Launch Party stream.

More Svelte 4 resources:

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